What does permanent makeup feel like?

Permanent Makeup (PMUP) is a very similar feeling to getting a tattoo, but very different and if you\’ve never had a tattoo you wouldn\’t know what that means…


I can describe my eyebrows from personal experience. My brows felt like a bee sting or after the procedure felt like a bad sunburn. Not that I want to admit I\’ve ever had a sunburn, before the knowledge of skincare. I would say the pain really wasn\’t too bad it\’s short lived and after everything is said and done and you love your makeup you forget all that discomfort.


Just like when I got my brows tattooed nine years ago my teacher and mentor used a topical anesthetic just as I do today on my clients. I use a topical anesthetic numbing the area to reduce pain. The great part about it is topical numbing agents are always improving and I am always finding new techniques and products to improve your comfort during your experience.


The topical numbing anesthetic helps for the first pass and once the skin is broken a second numbing agent is added that also helps reduce swelling. After the second numbing agent sets in you should be comfortable, you may feel some discomfort, but the procedure will be tolerable.


Just like my permanent makeup you\’ll forget any discomfort and love your permanent makeup and the time it will save you getting ready and still looking beautiful throughout the day with makeup.


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