Summer Skin Secrets

Love that summer sun, but hate the way it makes your skin look like it’s melting? Have no fear, summer girl. Learn how to prevent burning, over-sweating, and other summertime woes right here. I’ve compiled all my summer secrets in a two part blog that will help you beat the heat and stay beautiful this season.

In this first blog, I will explain the benefits of sunscreen and a proper skin care routine. Then, stay tuned for my next blog, in which I divulge a few of my favorite summer beauty secrets. With my help, that weather forecast won’t be the only thing that’s looking HOT this summer.



The conversation really needs to start with the most important product: SPF! It’s not only crucial to choose the right sunscreen for your skin, but to apply it correctly.

Tip 1: Choose your SPF wisely

When choosing a sunscreen think about what SPF number you need. An SPF 6 means you can be in the sun 6 times longer without burning than if you’d be able to without sunscreen. The longer you will be in the sun, the higher the SPF you may require. That being said, applying an SPF 80 lotion once in the morning, does not mean you are protected for the rest of the day. Coming in contact with water, or even just sweat can cause sunscreen to wear off quicker than you think. Reapply every hour and a half to be safe.

Tip 2: Go for a sunscreen with both UVB and UVA

Another thing to watch out for is what kind of protection the sunscreen offers. Look for a lotion that protects from both UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays are the ones that will cause the burning, while UVA cause premature aging, fine lines, and skin cancer.

Tip 3: Be liberal with your sunscreen

Once you’ve found the right sunscreen for your skin apply generously and don’t forget those easy to forget spots like your ears and the tops of your feet. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends following the “shot glass” rule. That means applying as much sunscreen as would fit into a shot glass (about 1 ounce) over every exposed part of your body.

Skin Care

Tip 4: Try non-comedogenic products

This is especially important if you moisturize often and are prone to acne. Hot and humid weather causes sweat which takes longer to evaporate off your skin. Combine this is oil-based products and you’re asking for irritation and blemishes. Non-comedogenic products are designed not to clog pores, and will leave you with fresher looking, healthier skin.

Tip 5: Stay moisturized

Granted, you don’t need as much moisturizer as you did during the harsh winter months, but don’t give it up for good. Dry skin is unhappy, damage-prone skin. Protect you from pollution, bacteria and moisture loss with a solid moisturizing routine.

Tip 6: Exfoliate right and at night

Gentle facial exfoliation can prolong a fake tan, keep skin free of clogged pores, and create a better canvas for makeup application. However, it’s important to remember that exfoliation reveals new, sensitive skin, which is more prone to burning in the sun. To avoid this, simply reserve your exfoliating habits for the evening time.

Tip 7: Aloe is a girl\’s best friend

Aloe is a well-known anti-inflammatory that also provides cooling relief. Applying aloe vera-containing products after exposure to the sun will calm and soothe your skin, leaving you far less likely to experience that awful scaly dryness that comes with sun-exposure.

Tip 8: Don’t shave your bikini line right before the beach.

This skin is some of the more sensitive and prone to irritation. Time your hair removal efforts several hours before engaging in summer activities to avoid bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn.

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