Summer Beauty Secrets

Summer is officially here. It’s time to start those summer beauty routines which means switching out our heavy foundation for bronzer, and letting our hair succumb to their natural waves.


In part 1 of this blog I taught you how to take care of your most important beauty layer, your SKIN. In this blog I’ll teach you how to care for the next layer: makeup and hair. Forget sun-parched locks, humidity frizz, and other summer woes. Get your glow on and breeze through summer beautifully with these simple summer beauty tips.


Summer Beauty- Makeup


Tip 9: Change your shade


As your skin gets that sun-kissed glow, you’ll need a different shade of foundation and concealer because let’s face it, looking two shades paler than the rest of your skin, just isn’t cool. If you prefer to go without foundation for the summer, you can opt for a tinted moisturizer instead.


Tip 10:  Waterproof


Keep those pretty lashes clump and smudge free by using a waterproof mascara. Remember, humidity and natural oils from your skin may cause some of the color to transfer regardless. Avoid those terrible raccoon eyes by applying mascara to the top lashes only.   


Tip 11 Use bronzer sparingly


Don’t mistake bronzer for a second layer of foundation. Keep it to the apples of your cheeks or lightly apply it over your forehead and cheekbones. Blend any harsh lines to give yourself a natural sun-kissed glow.


Tip 12: Blot or spray, don’t layer


When it comes to refreshing your face, extra layers of product are not the answer. Instead use a refreshing spray or blotting paper. Lightly touch the paper to your skin so it can absorb some of the oil. Rubbing will smear the oils and your makeup around your face, which is not the look you want. Another great benefit to these papers is that some of them add a little bit of extra SPF protection as well.


Tip 13: Pick a stain that pops


In summer, lip stains are the way to go; they don’t feel heavy on your lips and won’t roll off with sweat.


Summer Beauty- Hair


Tip 14: Beach bum it


When possible, utilize the natural beautifying properties of mother nature. Take a dip in the ocean and let your hair air-dry for perfect beachy waves. Of course if the ocean is nowhere in sight, you can create the look yourself using sans surf with an oil-infused salt spray that won’t dry hair out.


Tip 15: Let’s clarify


Summer is the perfect time to indulge in a clarifying shampoo and a UV ray protective styling spray. Sun will wreak havoc on your hair, even if you’re not a blondie. So opt for products that will tone your hair color while removing harmful chemicals like chlorine and salt.


Tip 16: Wet your hair


Before going into the ocean or the pool, wet your hair. This saturates the cuticle with water so that less chemicals can enter and damage the integrity of the hair.


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