Permanent Makeup: Is it really permanent?

Permanent makeup isn’t really permanent…

The word permanent can make a few people shriek and raise a lot of questions like “What if I don’t like it?” or “What if my hair color or style changes?” well ladies you aren’t stuck! Permanent makeup ink is not the same as you would use in a traditional body tattoo, it is used for “Cosmetics purposes”.

Cosmetic ink is designed to soften and lighten to give a natural appearance. Permanent makeup, or let’s call it semi-permanent makeup! Semi- permanent makeup changes over time for several reasons it fades. Fading occurs by sun exposure, skin care products/ makeup remover, and your skin’s natural exfoliation process. Sun exposure or intentionally tanning oxidizes the color, sun can make a brown turn pink and a black turn blue (if the black has blue in it for color intensity).

Using sunscreen can help prolong your tattooed makeup. Skin care products depending on the chemical it can oxidize or exfoliate your skin affecting your makeup pigment. But what about your mom, or your aunt, or that one lady who has had permanent makeup liner for the last ten years? Well yes, that may be true… is her liner now blue? Everyone holds the pigment differently as no one’s skin, body chemistry, or lifestyles are not all the same. Ideally your permanent makeup should last up to a year after that you would want to get touch up session as needed once you notice color fading or oxidizing.

Some clients are able to go longer, as results do vary. Semi Permanent Makeup is the easiest way to having “Makeup Forever” not smearing off or coming off during sport activities and saving you time looking your best!

All colors used by Monica are approved by the FDA and Society of Permanent Makeup Association.

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