Musings by Monica: My Personal Experience with Permanent Makeup

Not many people known that in addition to being a licensed aesthetician and permanent makeup artist, I am a client. That’s right. I don’t just endorse my product, I use it!


For years I would draw on my own eyebrows. It was time consuming, tedious, and I often had to touch them up halfway through the day.  Spending my lunch hour fixing my brows was not what I called “a break”. Then, I discovered permanent makeup, and my life was forever changed. Now, not only do I save time in the morning getting ready, I have a newfound boost in self-esteem.  Knowing my brows are perfectly placed has given me greater confidence which has in turn carried over into other facets of my life and career. Deciding to get permanent eyebrow makeup was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


My own experience having permanent makeup was incredibly positive, so much so that I became licensed and certified.  Now I get to be the one to give women a greater appreciation of their appearance and shave years off their morning routine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Permanent Makeup

A lot of the clients I speak to are hesitant about permanent makeup. Not knowing anyone who has done it, they often have reservations or believe there are risks involved. To ease their fears, I sat down and answered some frequently asked questions that hopefully shed some light on the positives of the permanent makeup experience.


How old were you when you first got permanent makeup? 27


Why did you get permanent makeup? I had thinning eyebrows. I drew them in everyday, with a brown color that never was the right shade, and I could never quite get the right shape. My left brow was always my favorite and the right brow never came out looking good or even close to the same. I called them “sisters” not “twins”.


How often do you get touch ups? Because semi-permanent eyebrows fade over the years due to sun exposure, skin care products, and the skin\’s natural exfoliating process, I touch them up every few years. This has actually been a good thing, however, since eyebrow trends change. I had black hair when I got them done originally, and now my hair color is dark brown. Getting my brows touched up allowed me to change the style and color of my brows to better suit my age and give me a softer appearance.  


What has been the feedback from your peers? “You have perfect brows!”


Hair Stimulation and Brow Artistry


Through hair simulation brow artistry I can restore or repair missing eyebrows for men and women. The process involves using semi-permanent cosmetic pigment to mimic your own naturally growing hair.  Results are very realistic, as each client receives customized artistry designed specifically to fit their unique facial features.


Permanent Eyeliner


Permanent eyeliner involves customized eye and eyelash line enhancement. Makeup by Monica offers many contemporary styles of eyeliner and eyelash line enhancement services. Permanent eyeliner doesn\’t smudge or smear and provides years of maintenance free enjoyment.


Permanent Lip Color


Permanent lip color is another service I offer. If you feel your lips are too thin, irregular, or unattractive, then permanent lip color enhancement may be the solution for you. Permanent lip color involves enhancement of the lip shape, color, and volume won’t bleed or disappear.


See more about these services on my services page.


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