Makeup for Making-Out: Get the Perfect Look for Date Night

Valentine’s Day, the mother of all date nights, is right around the corner. Whether you are out on the town with a long term relationship, a recent fling, a blind date, or your best friend, you want a look that says I’m confident and today I LOVE MYSELF!


This year: It’s all about those lips baby. Bright, rich red lips are romantic and just plain juicy, so go ahead and make friends with the shade that suits your skin tone best.  With a classic red lipstick and a sexy winged eyeliner you’re fearless aura is sure to shine through.


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How to Apply Red Lipstick:


For the best red lip results start first by lining the natural border of your mouth with a pencil that is the same color or closest to the lip color you are wearing. This will also prevent bleeding. Make sure to bring your liner as far down into the lip area so as your color wears off you won’t be left with just the liner around your lips. Then, with a lip brush, apply your shade of choice.


Choosing the Right Shade


With so many formulas and shades to choose from, it can be difficult to pinpoint that perfect shade to flatter your complexion. Here’s an easy to follow guide to make narrowing down your decision a little easier.


Raspberry shades add a warm hue to the cool pink undertones found in fair skin. Redheads, you can rock the red lip look too. Just look for a lip color with orange undertones to achieve a spicy effect.


Golden girls look great in a deep vivid berry which brings warmth and radiance to their skin tones. Make sure the shade is fully pigmented as sheer reds can make a face look dull.


Medium skin tones can rock a variety of shades, but determining the undertone of your skin pigment could help you find the color that really makes your lip color pop. If you are MEDIUM-LIGHT try a pinkish red. Complexions with YELLOW UNDERTONES turn a glowing tan with a little help from a tangerine-tinged bullet. MEDIUM-GOLDEN complexion jibes with a true red and CARAMEL TONES match best with a brown-based color.


Although tan and olive skin can veer toward either side of the lipstick spectrum, a bright cherry red with a slight glossy sheen will really pop against your complexion.


If you are of dark complexion and have warm undertones, an opaque blue based red will create a gorgeous contrast. A matte surface makes it stand out even more. Ladies with cool undertones: Metallic red will bring luminosity to deep cocoa skin, but if a shimmery metallic finish is too flashy for you, pick up a wine-hued gloss instead. The deep berry hints play up the cool tones in your complexion.


\”The Winged or Cat Eyeliner Look\”


For the femme fatale eyeliner look, there are many options and variations. Switch up the color, thickness, length, formulas and design to jive best with the venue and conservativeness of your date.

We love this look because it’s eye catching, easy to create, and can instantly change your overall style. The best tip is to be patient. If you suffer from unsteady hands, try using a pencil liner first then go over with a liquid liner for a more polished look.

To achieve the perfect cat eyeliner look, make sure the point stops before the end of your brow. The line should be thicker towards the outer edge of your lid and the inner part should be thinner and gradually thicken as it moves towards the outer eye. Because this look is fairly dramatic, dress it down with neutral eye-shadow.

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What about your date night skin?


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