Corrective Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a great solution for people looking to save time or enhance their appearance

  • Removal
  • Eyebrow Correction
  • Eyeliner Correction
  • Lip Correction

Get The Look You’ve Always Wanted

Corrective can mean a lot of things from correcting old ink to reshaping the original design.

Do you have previously tattooed brows and the ink has turned pink? Grey? Blue?
That’s no problem! I can fix it with a corrective color or saline removal procedure(s).

Or maybe the brow shape is uneven? I can remeasure and we can come up with a plan!

Can’t locate your previous technician? I am willing to go over someone else’s work in the name of BEAUTY!!
With 13 years experience in permanent makeup and color correction, we can create the look your wanting and update that makeup!!