Eyebrows have the power to completely change the look of your face!! Eyebrows frame your face and give you expression!! Become a BROW BEAUTY TODAY!!

Ombre, Powdered, Nano or Combination Brows are this years hottest trend! This technique has been around for years and keeps getting better. Ombre and Powdered brows technique creates a soft powder pixel appearance much like brow powder or a soft pencil would do.

Microblading or Microblade is an embroidery of strokes that look just like real hairs. Whether you like your eyebrows arched and feathered or straight and bold, eyebrows are one of the most distinguishable facial feature. If you’re not satisfied with your current brows, there are so many ways to update them including: brow gel, pencils, and even tattooing and microblading which is a natural option that delivers permanent results.

Unlike applying makeup or having eyebrow extensions you don’t need to be careful about maintaining your microbladed eyebrows. Microblading is very low maintenance, in fact, once your brows have healed, you can rub them and enjoy swimming! No special care required.

The best part about Microblading is that it requires no down time. You are selfie ready as soon as your new eyebrows are done. We recommend a follow-up about a month after your appointment and then again at a year for a color boost. The healing process is different for everyone but generally healing only takes about 30-45 days to heal completely.

Nano Brows is a new rave (that isn’t actually new) it is a technique of using the tattoo machine pen to design hair strokes. Similar to Microblade, but since it is done with the tattoo pen the ink is implanted deeper than Microblade stokes giving you more longevity of your brows.

Powdered Brows is a technique of shading in your brow shape. It is a more filled in look, very similar appearance to having used a powder makeup in your brows. This design is defined and dark for the first few days of healing but will soften and lasts up to two years.

Ombre Brows is similar technique to powder brows however stops into a fade nearby the bridge of your nose.

Combination Brow is a combo of the Ombre technique and then adding Mircoblade hair strokes where the Ombre fades lighter.

Removal saline Li- Lift or Corrective

All techniques are available.

Corrective Brows are available!! I’m an experienced technician to go over old ink and/or another technician’s work to update your look for fresh permanent makeup.

You have several options from removal to corrective. Corrective can mean reshaping and evening out the shape from previous tech to giving you a complimentary color that matches your skin and features better that the original ink.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards beautiful brows request an appointment online today! 

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