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Here are some of Makeup by Monica’s client testimonials, comments and reviews:

“Monica is very good and I can’t recommend her enough! This review is long overdue. I’ve had my permanent eyeliner by Monica for about 5 weeks now. 

Her studio is nice, inviting and private and is easy to access even from Portland. Monica was a sweetheart and took the time to hear what I wanted and she delivered exactly the results I was looking for. I wanted something natural because I usually don’t wear much makeup. But as I get older, my eyes really needed a lift and pop of color! 

The process took about an hour to do top and bottom lids. It is not painless, but you forget it in a few hours. I had relatively little swelling and I wouldn’t even say that I need a touch up. She recommends that you are patient and wait for the results in about a week. Everyday I liked the outcome more and more – so be patient!
When I returned back to work after the summer, most people commented on how rested I looked! If you can handle a bit of discomfort, for a short duration, then go for it! I don’t regret it at all!”

-Pepper E.

“Monica is the best!! I was very ill many years ago and lost my eyebrows and they never grew back after my illness. After years of drawing them on I decided to get them done permanently, but had a not-so-good first experience and spent another couple of years drawing over my permanent eyebrows to cover them up. I had seen Monica years back for laser hair removal and had heard that she was doing permanent cosmetics and was amazing at it, so I figured I’d give it another shot. She was able to fix the botched eyebrow tattooing I had done previously and my eyebrows now look beautiful!!! I loved them so much, I came back and had her do my permanent eyeliner and I love it just as much!! It takes me only minutes to get ready in the morning now, I just throw on some BB cream and blush and I’m out the door thanks to my permanent makeup! I will continue to come back to Monica for touch ups every year!”

-Julie R

“Years and years of plucking and waxing left me with minimal eyebrows. I started drawing them on and did so for several years. The issue is that drawn on eyebrows do not hold up well in heat, water, and other elements and I was always afraid to smudge them. Not to mention the time it took to draw them on and the days when you just cannot get them right. I met Monica several years ago and she talked to me about permanent makeup. I was reluctant given the fact it is my face, but a planned trip to the Dominican and I was all over it. I was not going to spend my days on the side of the beach and not enjoy the ocean over eyebrows. 

Monica did a great job. She even helped me with the shape (that I love so much more than how I was drawing them on) and they look great and I will never regret my decision. In fact, I recently had a group of 5 women approach me just to tell me how perfect they look!! I am so happy that I chose to go through with this procedure and I have Monica to thank for fixing my eyebrow madness!!! Monica is professional, precise, and patient. She listens to her clients and provides you with her professional opinion while still listening to your wants and needs! I would recommend anyone looking for permanent makeup or even just thinking about it to go see Monica!!! “

-Holly M

“I was given the gift of having my eyebrows TATTOOED for my birthday present. I had been thinking about doing it, but because i prefer a natural look, was still unsure (I don’t wear much makeup to begin with) Monica did a great Job at easing my concerns and she even custom mixed a shad that would look good on me despite all my hair color changes! I will admit, I was pretty freaked out for the first few days because it looked dark (Monica had told me that would be the case)but after it healed they were perfect! Next time I will trust you from the start Monica! This was the best birthday present anyone could have gotten me!”

-Amanda S.

“After I had Upper and lower eyeliner done, Friends have wanted to know how I could stand To have my eyelids tattooed, this process was not painful because Monica puts on a topical anesthetic after one pass over the Skin. I Can’t believe I waited This long to get my eyes done.”

-Kristin E.

“I just saw Monica today, and I couldn’t be more pleased with her work. Permanent makeup can be scary when done by the wrong person! I’m so glad I found Monica! I highly recommend Monica! Thank you!!”

-Mimosa C.

“Monica did a wonderful job of letting me know exactly what to expect. The results have better than I expected. i really love getting up in the morning & not worrying about the basics. It is also great when working out or swimming. I should have done this years ago. Monica is fantastic!

Thanks Monica!!!”

-Roberta R.

“Monica was patient in answering my questions! Very professional and did a great job! Permanent makeup is a “process” so don’t expect your makeup to be “perfect” after the first appointment!”

“Amazing! Monica is professional, pleasant, and does great work. She was swift and it didn’t hurt at all. My eyeliner looks great and it was only done Friday evening. I would recommend her to anyone interested in permanent makeup. Very happy :)”

“I have had cosmetic tattoo eyeliner done in the past, and I can tell you that Monica did an excellent job. I was very happy with the procedure and the outcome. In fact, I have several friends that I am going to refer to Monica at Allure Cosmetics. I plan on having some other cosmetic tattoo procedures done and now that I found a professional artist that is on the top of her game, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”

-Linda N.

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